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Eyebrows frame your eyes, but drooping brows can inhibit vision and make you appear older. If sagging eyebrows affect your visual field or your self-confidence, it’s time to consider brow surgery. Emily Sarah Charlson, MD, PhD, specializes in the latest brow lift procedures to improve function and aesthetics. Find out what a brow lift could do for you by calling the Pacific Heights office in San Francisco, California, or booking a consultation online today.

Brow Lift Q & A

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure to lift sagging eyebrows. Your eyebrows and the orbital region around your eyes are home to muscle, fat, and skin, and over time, muscles get weaker and fatty tissue begins to sag.

Droopy soft tissue can make you appear older because it creates crow’s feet, forehead lines, and heavy brows. Brow lift procedures redistribute fat and tighten skin to make eyes appear more alert and minimize wrinkles around the upper portion of your face.

Dr. Charlson performs a full range of brow surgeries using the latest minimally invasive techniques. Brow lifts improve the way your forehead looks, but they can also improve eyesight — particularly if drooping soft tissue is blocking your vision. 

What are the benefits of a brow lift?

Brow lifts serve several purposes, from enhancing your visual function to revitalizing the area around your eyes and forehead. Drooping brows can make you appear tired, sad, or older than you really are by creating a heavy appearance around your eyes, but brow lifts can help.

Aging often causes brows to drift downward, which can force eyelids to sink into your visual field. A brow lift can improve your upper and peripheral vision by eliminating drooping skin.

In addition to helping you see better, brow lifts have aesthetic benefits. Asymmetric brows can be corrected with a brow lift. The procedure is also designed to tighten loose skin on the forehead, which can minimize wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance.

What types of brow lifts are available?

Dr. Charlson is trained in performing a full range of brow surgeries to address each patient’s varying needs. She evaluates your facial structure, preexisting conditions, goals for the procedure, and more to determine which brow lift is the best fit.

Internal browpexy, also called an internal brow lift, involves reattaching eyebrow fat in a higher position on the forehead. This procedure can be combined with upper eyelid blepharoplasty to enhance results without creating multiple incisions, and it stabilizes eyebrows to help minimize drooping in the future.

Direct browplasty, or direct brow lift, is a brow lift technique that requires an incision directly above the eyebrow hairs. This method can significantly elevate eyebrows without much visible scarring. A direct browplasty may be a good option for men who have extremely droopy eyebrows and high (receding) hairlines.

Endoscopic browplasty is a popular option because it lifts eyebrows and tightens forehead skin all at once, without visible scarring. These brow lifts utilize a few small incisions placed behind your hairline, and Dr. Charlson guides an endoscope to elevate the entire forehead and secure it with sutures.

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